Friday, July 22, 2011

Official, ROMA signed Bojan Krkic

Bojan Krikic
28.08.1990 (20)
Nationality: Spain, Serbia
Position: Striker
Foot: Right

Who is Bojan Krkic:
Bojan Krkic is a Spanish player, who came from Barcelona to Roma after long and long discussions. He is a right-strikers that prefer to shoot with right foot. His best season at Barcelona was 2007-2008, when he played 31 games, scoring 10 goals and 3 assist.

In season last season he played only 26 games (mostly used as regular striker ) and scored 6 goals and 2 assist.

Strong points:
Bojan is a young, talented and fast striker. He has proved to create many problems to opponent defenders, with his speed. Bojan has a good creativity. As he is a right footed player, he prefers to move inside channels and to find empty spaces. He needs to improve his technical.

Weak points:
His main weak point is that he doesn’t offer defensive coverage. As a striker, he was trained only to attack well, but when his team need a big help in defense, Bojan proved to fail doing this. Also Bojan do lack physical condition. He is ( ) years old and he has to train more and more to earn a stable physical condition. Due to his fast movements, he often get muscular problems or when he is in duel with strong body defenders, he get injured too. Also Bojan is 1.70 cm tall. This means that he can’t shoot the ball with his head and in most of Barcelona games he proved to be very weak in aerial attacking style.

Bojan Krkic's main position is striker. He is a right footed striker, but at same time he can use his left too. In my analysis I have watched 10 games of Barcelona I rated his right foot (9) and left foot (6.5).
Bojan, as said above prefer to play as striker, but he can be used as attacking midfielder left, right, or centre. As a fast striker he prefers to move into channels and place the shot. Sometimes he dribble too much the other defenders and he is criticized in most of times for this.

At ROMA, in 4-3-3 formation he can be used as right-striker:


If ROMA uses 4-3-2-1 tactic (very rare) he can be used as:


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