Friday, November 25, 2011

%100 Home record

After Parma defeat , Guidolin started with a ''shy'' formation against Luis Enrique's Roma. Udinese usually plays 3-5-2 when they play at home but this time formation was something like 5-4-1. Floro Flores and Torje dropped to bench and Abdi started instead.

Actually reason of Parma defeat was simple. Udinese have very important players who are South American and came back to the team after International duties tired. Isla , Armero are examples. They are key players for Friuli, they were tired and Udinese didn't play bad against Parma , at least deserved a draw.

Roma were coming after two consecutive victories to face with Udinese after gained confidence. Roma started to play better , against Lecce they were superior.

Guidolin always had a bad record against Roma and winning all home games brought extra pressure to Guidolin and his Udinese.

At the first half Udinese played better , with more ball control. But there's nothing much to do with only Di Natale up-front and behind defencive players , though Udinese had some chances.

At the second half Roma played better and started to play more offencive. That's what suits to Udinese's game plan, so far Udinese are the best counter attack team of Serie A.

Udinese broke the 0-0 result with Pinzi's long ball pass to Udinese , Di Natale controlled the ball excellent and scored Udinese's first goal.

Roma tried to fight back but Udinese stroke them 2nd time with Armero and Isla's great counter attack play.

Udinese are leaders again after winning against Roma. Guidolin broke his bad record against Roma with winning this game and his team kept %100 winning record at home with 6th consecutive victories at home.

Also it was a nice game for betting. Italianpreviews had Udinese -0.25 AH with @2.07 odds and bet won.

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