Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fantastic come back or throwing away a victory ?

Did Napoli throw away two goals lead twice or did Juve fight back , or tiredness affected Napoli?

Probably all three.

Napoli hosted rivals Juventus. Napoli were without their best forward and top goalscorer Cavani and Juventus were without Marchisio who is having a great season.

Napoli had a fast start. Earned a penalty kick but Hamsik failed to score it.

Hamsik scored the opener. Napoli were better side on the first half and Juventus were really playing bad. Even Matri mentioned that Juventus played bad and they will never repeat that first half performance again.

Pandev scored the 2nd for Napoli and Napoli went to locker room with a big advantage.

At the 2nd half Matri found an early goal and gave hopes to Juventus. We have watched a different Juventus at the 2nd half.

Pandev netted his 2nd and Napoli 3rd goal and Mazzarri thought game is over. He made subtitions (wasn't wise choises!) and Napoli players showed signs of tiredness.

And Juventus found two late goals.

Napoli were so close to break The Old Lady's unbeaten record.

That's certain UEFA Champions League affecting Napoli. They haven't got used to play every three days before this season like Inter or Milan.

Mazzarri wasted a good chance , he had to keep Aronica and Pandev in the game till the final minute.

Pandev had been disappointing this season but he had showed excellent performance against Juventus.

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