Friday, September 9, 2011

AC Milan vs Lazio (Opening game of Serie A Season 2011-2012)

At the opening game of Serie A , title holders AC Milan will host Lazio.

Lets start with Milan ;

Milan have lost Pirlo (transferred to Juventus) and brought two new midfielders , Aquilani and Nocerino. Pirlo wasn't in Allegri's plans though he's a great playmaker. Milan have added two quality defenders to their squad , Mexes and Taiwo. Boriello, Merkel, Sokratis, Onyewu, Oddo, Legrottaglie, Jankulovski have left the team.

Tactic : One of the biggest advantages of Milan that Allegri will not change his formation and will remain 4-3-1-2.

Missings ; Taiwo, Mexes , Flamini,Van Bommel and Robinho doubtful.

Seedorf and Zambrotta haven't called up because of up-coming Barcelona game Allegri has decided to rest them.

Also there are rumours that Zlatan or Pato , one of them might be rested against Lazio.

Milan had a good preparation , have Won two Cups. Trofeo Berlusconi (against Juventus) and Italian Super Cup (against Inter).

Allegri had used all players and had chances to see their forms.

Max Allegri is giving too much important to Barcelona game , and he will field a Milan which have rotations in first 11 and Milan squad is deep enough for it.

While Taiwo is injured and Zambrotta is going to rest , Antonini will get LB position.

Gattuso is suspended in UCL , so he can give %100 against Lazio.

Milan is the biggest favourite of Serie A this season according to bookies and Italian media.

Milan (probable) : Abbiati - Abate - Nesta - Silva - Antonini - Gattuso - Aquilani - Ambrosini - Boateng - Pato (Cassano) - Ibrahimovic

Weakness ; Up-coming Barcelona game and defence's left side (due absence of Taiwo and Zambrotta)

Advantages : Haven't changed formation and have a deep squad with plenty of strikers and midfielders.

Lazio ;

Lazio have lost Muslera,Zarate and Lichsteiner. All were very important players. Konko arrived to replace Lichsteiner. Zarate's departure is a gamble for Edy Reja and Lazio fans still unhappy with this decision.

Reja's Lazio looked very promising for new season. New forwards Cisse and Klose have showed great performances on pre-season game. Especially Lazio looked offencively great.

Lazio have finished Serie A 5th last season and easily reached to groups of Europa League.

Expectations are big from Reja's Lazio but departures of Zarate and Floccari might effect them on long term.

Tactic ; Reja using 4-2-3-1 formation this season and succeeded on pre-season games.

Missings ; Stefan Radu, Lorik Cana, Giuseppe Sculli and Marius Stankevicius.

Goalkeeper Marchetti is suspended , Bizzarri will start in first 11.

Cisse sprained his ankle in training but he's expecting to start against Milan. Also Klose have played on two International games and he had mentioned that he's tired.

If Klose rested , Cisse will play as alone striker , if Klose plays Cisse will play as an AML.

Weakness ; Defencive midfielder position (not enough quality) and defence.

Advantages ; Offencive prosperity and consistence.

Lazio (probable ) ; Bizzarri; Konko, Biava, Dias, Zauri; Ledesma, Brocchi; Mauri, Hernanes, Cissè; Klose

Facts ; Lazio couldn't win in San Siro since 1989 but haven't lost since 2008.

Though Milan are going to give rest to some key players as Seedorf , Zambrotta and Zlatan (or Pato) they have enough depth in their squad.

Milan midfield is working great since Allegri's system succeeded. Boateng linked excellent between midfield and forwards.

We are expecting to see Cassano in 11 instead of Pato (who might be rested for Barça game)

Milan's weakest side will be left flank due of Zambrotta's absence.

Lazio are coming to San Siro with confidence.

Edy Reja ; Milan have incredible potential, but we have the quality to do well and mentioned that Lazio have great attacking options which can give troubles to Milan.

Milan are clear favourite against Lazio but it's gonna be tough one.

Milan midfield is too dominant compared with Lazio's.

Expectations on a fast start by Rossoneri and try to take an early lead at first half.But Lazio's offencive firepower shouldn't be underestimated.

If Milan didn't have Barcelona game , everything would be more clear but now with some rotations Milan might get difficulties against Lazio but Milan are still too strong even with important missings , even match-ups between players and lines containing big quality differences.

Also any negative result might effect Milan before Barcelona game and Allegri knows it very well.

We are expecting both teams to score and Milan's victory here.

Predicted score ; 3-1.

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