Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last game:
(Cagliari-Novara 2-1)
Novara lost the last encounter against Cagliari (2-1) when Cagliari was in control all the time and has many chances to take the lead early, but they opened the score only at 38’ with Thiago Riberio, scoring his first goal in Serie A. Cagliari remained in control and even doubled the lead, but goal was disallowed. After the break Novara started pushing, but it was Cagliari who was dangerous and close to 2-0. This happened only at 86’ when Larrivey decided the game but before the goal, Cagliari lost many chances. Novara showed bad defensive line. Midfield in the only one to work at the moment with Pinardi “man of the match”, but in attack is a lack of scorer. Jeda is performing bad, while Morimoto scored a casual goal. Granoche had no idea how to change the game.

Tactical news and missing:
Novara tactic is 4-3-1-2. They are used to play with one playmaker and in these first 2 games they used Pinardi as playmaker. He proved to be right man, but today he will miss due to injury. Tactic will remain the same 4-3-1-2, but will be many changes. In defence in first two games, RB-Morganella was too slow and offered no guaranty in defence making many errors. He played very bad against Chievo and Cagliari too, so he will be benched today and his replacement will be Della Fiore (ex-Parma) and this makes a downgrade as well as the last one played no minute til now and lack match fitness. CB-Lussuzo will move on the right, while other CB-Paci will cover left side. LB-Gemiti despite to his bad form and performance will start against from first minute as there is no other option. All in all defensive line remains weak and power is 6/10. Best player till now, Pinardi will lose the game and his replacement will be Rigoni. The last one has to prove himself, but I rate this downgrade too. In attack return Meggiorini (youth Inter) who will start from first minute, but coming from injury, he can’t be at top form (I rate his form 60%). The other striker will be Morimoto.

NOVARA (4-3-1-2)
Della Fiore-Lissuzo-Paci-Gemiti

Bench: 31 Fontana, 5 Ludi,14 Morganella, 2 Giorgi,18 Marianini, 27 Jeda, 20 Granoche
Injured: Pinardi
Suspended: none

Last game:
(Inter-Roma 0-0)
Both Inter and Roma played too tactically and this resulted in a boring first half with not much dangerous chances from both side. Inter played 3-5-2 with Sneijder acting everywhere while Roma used 4-3-3 with many surprises as Taddie and Perrotta played as LB-RB. Final score 0-0 was the fairest one as said above teams feared to lose and didn’t risk much. Roma was close to goal after the break, while Inter was close to goal only some minutes before the end of game when Roma was tired already. Intyer didn’t play bad, but for the moment under 3-5-2 players are too confused and many of them out of roles. Ranocchia as RB didn’t worked. Sneijder as CM didn’t worked too, while Zanetti and Cambiasso ore still out of form. Forlan too sterile, while the only one to start creating danger was Zarate who came from bench. Still argentian was never close to score.

Tactical news and missing:
The tactic will remain the same 3-5-2, 3-4-1-2. Sneijder will be used as CM, and at same time as playmaker too. In defence will return Chivu who will play as RB and this time Ranocchia will move as CB together with Lucio. In midfieldermanager lost the hope to recover Stankovic and midfield will be the same as against Roma with Nagatomo as RM and Obi as LM. In centre will play Cambiasso, Zanetti and Sneijder. In attack will return Pazzini from the first minute and this will be his first Serie A game, while second stiker will be Forlan. I would like to see Zarate from first minute as argentinian showed to love to strat scoring and is more motivated, but manager Gasperini looks like is in love with Forlan. Milito will benched and can play during game.

INTER (3-4-1-2)
Julio Cesar

Bench: 12 Castellazzi, 25 Samuel,42 Jonathan, 11 R. Alvarez,77 Muntari, 22 Milito,28 Zarate
Injured: Maicon (5 days), Thiago Motta (10 days), Poli (10 days), Cordoba (10 days), Stankovic (5 days)
Suspended: none

Game will be played on artificial grass. Novara-Inter is a kind of derby. Stadium is sold out. Referee stats are 0 games with Novara and 11 games with Inter (7 wins 4 draw 0 loss )

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