Saturday, September 17, 2011


INTER: Inter lost the last game (4-3) against Palermo in second week of Serie A, while in CHL game against Trabzonspor they were a little bit unlucky to lose 0-1. Anyway considering the loss of Supercup against Milan, bad performance in friendly games, the loss in first league game and the loss in CHL, now for manager Gasperini “alarm” is ringing as this will be most probably his last chance. In case of a negative result the manager will be changed.

Gasperini was known for his 3-4-3 tactic, but this didn’t worked at Inter. He changed into 3-4-1-2 and 4-3-1-2, but the result was always negative.
In his press conference said that his team has enough quality to play again 3-4-1-2. Tobight he will use this tactic to hope to beat Roma.

Tactic and missing:
As said in press conference with the missing of important midfielder Stankovic, the tactic of Inter will be 3-4-1-2.

INTER (3-4-1-2)
Julio Cesar

Bench: Orlandoni, Jonathan, Faraoni, Alvarez, Castaignos, Zarate, Pazzini

Missing players: Cordoba, Maicon, Viviano, Th.Motta, Chivu, Stankovic
Balanced players: MILITO 65% - PAZZINI 35%
Team rating (8.5/10, last game was 8.5/10)

Like lineup shows, in defence will be Lucio, Samuel and Ranocchia. Only the last one is rated in good form, the other two are making many errors right now and don’t offer guaranty. In midfield Nagatomo will play as RMID (not a good choice) and Zanetti as CM together with out of form Cambiasso. Obi will act as LMID and his form is rated average right now. The best player till now, Sneijder will move as playmaker in 3-4-1-2 behin MIlito who won the balance with Pazzini and Forlan. From bench I would like to see Zarate, who did rest in CHL game and today will be fresh. The other players for the moment are not in good form.

ROMA: Took new manager and president. New manager as we all know is Luis Enrique (ex-Barca B) the lover of tactic 4-3-3. Till now things are not going positively for him at Roma. Not a good preparation phase. Not positive results in test games. Team is confused and looks out of morale. Too many dislike between player-manager. With short words, Roma right now is not a club yet. In last league game lost (1-2) against Cagliari when even if had the control of the game, never showed real danger and lost too many golden chances. Bad performance from Bojan, bad also from Osvaldo. Totti was average, while the best player was midfielder De Rossi.

INTER-ROMA will be special for Luis Enrique too, because in a defeat case, he will risk the work as manager. In press conference he said that he don’t feel pressure because even if he is sacked he will go to another club, but he hope to continue to be ROMA manager.

ROMA (4-3-3)
Perrota-De Rossi-Pjanic

Bench: Curci, Kjaer, Cassetti, Gago, Pizarro, Borini, Osvaldo

Missing players: Greco, Juan, Jose Angel
Balanced players:
TADDEI 55% - KJAER 45%
BOJAN 51% - BORINI 49%
Team rating (8/10, last game was 7.5/10)

Looks like a little bit improvement is made to ROMA lineup. In attack Borriello from first minute is an improvement as Osvaldo looks like need time to get back to old “Serie A” days, while Bojan and Borini are in doubt for a place in attack, but looks like Luis Enrique chose to play with Bojan from first minute. I don’t like defensive line. Rosi in last game made many errors, today he will start from first minute as there is no other choice, Burdisso and Heinze are solid defenders, while Taddei as LB will be a big question as Brazilian is offensive minded and can leave many empty spaces. In midfield out of form player is Perrota in last game was too confused, while De Rossi was man of the match and Pjanic was solid. I still repeat that attack in this game is looking really good, and I would like to see Borini from first minute.

I am inspired first from H2H between teams. In last years always action, always fast game and goals. Now to turn back to reality I see Inter that want to save themselves in front of fans eyes. Also manager is playing last chance. Team with 3-4-1-2 tactic looks offensive minded, but too weak in defence as Lucio-Samual are making errors and not in good form. Nagatomo as RMID and of course Cambiasso is making errors too. For Roma is the same. Improved attack and offensive minded midfield, with a defensive line composed by Rosi (not in good form, too confused) and Taddei as LB, who is offensive minded and not so fast to turn back in time. I see an open game here and with these kind of defensive problems to see an UNDER would be the big surprise of the year. GL !

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