Tuesday, October 25, 2011

High-flying Udinese have arrived to Napoli

Francesco Guidolin's high-flying Udinese have arrived to Napoli.

Captain Toto Di Natale and Chilean midfielder Isla have stayed in Udine.

So far Guidolin is doing amazing job with Udinese. Though the Zebrette have lost three star players from their last years' squad. Alexis Sanchez , Inler and Zapata but Udinese it seems Udinese haven't lost anything from their strength. Key of success lies under Guidolin's hands , even Udinese are having great results on Europa League (mostly Guidolin giving chance to reserve players in EL).

Udinese have started to preparations earlier than any team of Serie A this season at summer. Physically all players are strong and Udinese are not having injury problems as other Serie A teams.

Only Pasquale is injured. (Long term , muscle injury) and Basta doubtful against Napoli.

Floro Flores will take Di Natale's place.

Udinese have conceeded only one goal in seven Serie A games and current leaders of Serie A.

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