Monday, October 24, 2011

Historical come back by Milan

The Rossoneri were struggling because of injury cricis. Milan couldn't start to Serie A as planned because of injuries.

Milan have visited Lecce at sunday. Milan had a bad record in Via del Mare without winning over Lecce about last 10 years.

Pato,Flamin,Gattuso,Silva and Seedorf were out due injuries. Aquilani and Boateng weren't %100 fit.

Max Allegri started with Nocerino - Ambrosini - Van Bommel on the midfield zone and Milan struggled half time. Milan have conceeded three shocking goals at first half.

Allegri's selections were wrong.

Boateng and Aquilani replaced Robinho and Ambrosini at half time and Milan totally changed. Flipped out. After Seedorf's injury Aquilani started to find chance in first 11 and he was showing great performance.

Boateng had one of the best games of his career with making hat-trick in 15 minutes!

Two players have changed first half's chaotic Milan.

Milan have won against Lecce in Via del Mare after ten years but this victory probably was the sweetest possible one for the Rossoneri.

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