Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Incredible Cesar

Inter have played against Lille and managed to get all three golden points in France.

Ranieri's Inter were badly needing a positive result after disastrous Serie A results.

Inter didn't play a superior game but played very intelligent on defence after took the lead and stopped Lille forwards.

Sneijder was a ghost on the field. All expectations were on him before the kick-off.

Honestly, Lille deserved to win against Inter. French side totally dominated the game but there was an obstacle ; Julio Cesar.

Inter's 32 years old Brazilian goalkeeper played an incredible game and saved a lot of Lille's positions. Cesar was out of form and was making simple mistakes. But he had reborn tonight and closed his net to Lille forwards.

Also defender Chivu had an excellent game.

Inter will host Chievo at Serie A next Sunday. Tonight's result boosted big moral for Ranieri's team and brought their confidences back.

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