Friday, June 17, 2011

2011/2012 Season

During summer time here we will update you with transfers news and rumours.

2010-2011 Season was too colourful , three teams had played to win Scudetto (Milan,Inter and Napoli) but in the end Rossoneri had an great run and won Scudetto.

race for 4th spot was also interesting. Juventus tried their best but even failed to join Europa League. Under new owner's control Roma will play on Europe League next season.

No doubt biggest suprise was Udinese. Udinese were best team of 2011 with Milan, Guidolin's Udinese may be played best football , impressed whole Italy even Europe. Especially offencively Udinese were superior. Now big question marks that will Udinese keep their star players or will search for success in UCL with Sanchez, Asamoah, Inler , Di Natale ?

What will be Roma's new target with new coach Luis Enrique and new owner ?

How Juventus will get back their glorious days in Serie A ?

What will be Napoli's performances on European Champions league and Serie A ? Do Napoli have bigger targets ?

What will be the future of shining young stars of Serie A teams ? Especially Pastore (Palermo )and Sanchez (Udinese)

All news and analyses will be here.

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