Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let's know Gasperini

As announced from media, Gasperini will be the new manager of Inter for the next season. At Genoa he was like a second "president". His nickname was "Gasperson" because he was more than a manager, he was like a father with whole team, he gave hope to many players also he was helping the players outside the field too.

At Genoa he was known as attacking minded person and his used tactic was 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. He had the right players for this tactic, as Milito, Marco Rossi, Thiago Motta or Sculli. Also he like to crate a solid defensive line and in season 2008-2009 Genoa most of goals were scored with counters as Gasperini in well-known for his good-fast counter game.

Sometimes he was criticized by Italian media for his tactics as he started many games with 3-4-3, but during game his teams converted into 5-4-1 or if the team was under pressure, the players were playing in 7-3, which in Italy is called "Catenaccio" or "Anti-Football". Genoa managed to take positive points after this tactics, but many times Gasperini was criticized by media because of this.

The attack of teams managed by Gasperini start from defensive line to creative midfielders, then to playmaker and in most of cases Genoa do attack with 6 or 7 players.

How can he play at Inter?

For sure he will not change his tactic 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. This can be the first time that Inter fans will see their team to play with 3 defenders. In his press interview Gasperini said that he prefer to use the trio; Lucio-Samuel-Ranocchia in defence. When he was asked about the 3-4-3 tactic, he replied that Inter with actual players can play every tactic. In will be a matter of time to learn this new "tactic".

Most probably the 2 tactic of Gasperini at Inter will be like this:

Inter (3-4-3)

--------------------------Julio Cesar--------------------------


Maicon----------Cambiasso-------Thiago Motta------------Nagatomo

------------Pazzini-------- -Milito-------------Eto'o

Inter (4-3-3)

--------------------------Julio Cesar--------------------------




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