Friday, June 17, 2011

Serie A 2010-2011 comparing with 2009-2010

After the end of league the best thing to do is to do a total analysis in comparision with season 2009-2010. It is quite notable that Sampdoria from Champions League spot did fall into red relegation zone, due to their bad season and bad player-team performance. The difference shows that Sampdoria is (-31) from season 2009-2010. The other team with a quite notable bad performance is relegated Bari who’s difference is Bari(-26) and the third worst team is Roma (-17).

But there are not only ugly teams in Serie A. We have to take a look at best performances and we can see that Udinese, even if they started with a loss and said that their mission was to save their “head” they did a superb season and their difference was:javascript:void(0) Udinese (+22). The other team is Lazio. In season 2009-2010 they suffered a lot and they were about to be relegated, but somehow they managed to be safe. In last season they managed to improve themselves (Hernandes was their key player and Kozak was their discovery) and their difference was very good (+20). Milan difference is (+12) while Napoli is (+11).

The teams that didn’t change much respectively from season 2009-2010 were: Juventus, Chievo, Bologna, Catania, Cagliari and Genoa.

The table below shows the difference of HOME and AWAY, comparing with season 2009-2010.

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