Saturday, June 18, 2011

Will Eto'o leave Inter ?

Cameroonian star accepted that he is considering to leave Inter. But he hasn't decided yet. Eto'o said that ''I already have a few offers and we'll have to see whether I should stay or go''

If Eto'o leaves it will be %90 a Premier League team, Eto'o mentioned that to return Barcelona isn't in his plans.

Also there are rumours about Samuel Eto’o to join Manchester City in exchange for Carlos Tevez.

Tevez already said that he wants to leave Manchester City. If we consider Mancini's Eto'o enthusiasms that exchange is looking quite possible.

Eto'o has a month to decide , in a month we will see what will happen with his future.

Eto'o was Inter's best offencive player since 2009.

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