Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cagliari - AlbinoLeffe , Coppa Italia

The team who qualify will face the winner of Siena-Torino.

Cagliari will play with new manager who is ex-Cesena, Ficcadenti. Ex manager, Donadoni left the club as he had a fight with president Cellino about transfers. Till now Cagliari haven't made any good transfers and then Donadoni refused to play in Serie A with current team.

They brought El Kabir from Sweden. He is striker, but not so good for Serie A level. He needs time. Also they are about to take Thiago Riberio from Cruzeiro. Aquafresca and Lazzari left the club to their new teams.

For today's game El Kabir is not 100% ready and this makes a big problem. In attack Nene can play with Larrivey, but this is not a good duo. Ibarbo is not ready to play
yet, so manager called some young team players, who will play today.

Probable team:

CAGLIARI 4-3-1-2) 1 Agazzi; 14 Pisano, 21 Canini, 13 Astori, 31 Agostini; 8 Biondini, 5 Conti, 4 Nainggolan; 7 Cossu; 18 Nené, 9 Larrivey

Albinoleffe managed to stay one more year in Serie B and this year they have the same
purpose, to reach an easy salvation. They have a new manager, who is Daniele
Fortunato, while the ex-manager was resigned due to his heart problems. Many
experienced players left the team.

AlbinoLeffe have managed to qualify with a lot of difficulties in the last Cup game against Serie D team Castel Rigone.

Striker Cissé, midfielder and captain Previtali will miss Cagliari game. Defender Daffara is injured and remain in big question, but most probably he will be out. Defender Bergamelli and striker Pesenti both are out too.

Probable team:
ALBINOLEFFE (4-4-2) 1 Tomasig; 16 Luoni, 5Lebran, 77 Piccinni, 79 Regonesi; 23 Pacilli, 6 Previtali, 58 Hetemaj, 21 Laner; 32 Torri, 9 Cocco

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