Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coppa Italia , Modena - Reggina

The game will be played at 16:30 (Kick-off time changed by Federation)

The team who qualify will face the winner of Chievo-Livorno
Modena managed to win 4-0 in the last game against Frosinone and thye they will face
Reggina in the Italian Cup. The man of the match in last game was Greco, who made an

Modena are in good form and this was shown in their friendly games. In the last game
they won 1-0 against Reggiana.
The only missing of Modena is keeper Guargalben. The rest of team is confirmed.

Probable lineup:
MODENA (4-3-1-2) 1 Caglioni; 29 Turati, 6 Diagouraga, 50
Perna, 3 Bassoli; 7 Dalla Bona, 5 Petre, 21 Giampà; 10 Di
Gennaro; 30 Greco, 11 Fabinho.

Reggina have lost the opportunity to be promoted in Serie A last season and they have to face another season in Serie B. The team have lost defender Acerbi, who joined Chievo. Reggina kept the same players as in last season and no good or experienced player joined.

Last year’s manager left the team to Sampdoria and Reggina this year will be managed
by Roberto Breda. Who was manager of Reggina in season 2009-2010. Reggina showed
a very bad form in their last friendly games. From 4 encounters they managed to lose 3
while in last Cup game they managed to qualify very hard against Carrarese, winning 1-0.

Experienced keeper of last season was sold and now Reggina has to play whole season
with 19-years old keeper, Kovacsik. This was declared by manager Breda, who said that
he believe to young keeper and will not buy any other.
RB-Colombo, defender-Burzigotti will miss in this encounter. Also striker Ragusa,
defender Camilleri, and Tedesco will miss too.

Probable team:
REGGINA (3-4-1-2) 12 Kovacsik; 2 Adejo, 13 Cosenza, 3 Emerson;
22 Barillà, 18 Rizzo, 55 De Rose 29 Rizzato; 70 Missiroli;
61 Bonazzoli, 87 Campagnacci

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