Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catania - Brescia , Coppa Italia

The team who qualify will face the winner of Pisa-Triestina.

Catania have a new manager. He is ex-Roma, Montella who is likely to play 4-3-3 which was the old tactic of last season to Catania. Even if in some games Catania played 4-3-1-2 they got used to play 4-3-3. Key striker Maxi Lopez is about to leave the club and Catania is looking forward to take Bergessio from St. Etienne. He played some games last season with showing good performances in Serie A.

Catania have no injury or suspension problems.

CATANIA (4-3-3) 21 Andujar; 22 Alvarez, 2 Potenza, 3 Spolli,33 Capuano; 23 Moretti, 27 Biagianti, 19 Ricchiuti; 17 Gomez, 11 Lopez, 32 Catellani.

Brescia have failed to save themselves in last season, Brescia relegated to Serie B. Brescia have changed managers a lot of times and it affected the team a lot.

Experienced player, Diamanti left the club, also stiker Eder left too. Cacarriolo is still in the team, but accoring to his interviews he is searching for a new
club too. Midfielder Hetemaj also didn’t want to play in Serie B and has left the club. New manager, Scienza will have some problems for today's game as Carraciolo and Kone are not playing. The tactic will be 4-3-1-2 and the

Probable team ;

BRESCIA (4-3-1-2) 12 Leali; 15 Zambelli, 2 Zoboli, 21 De Maio,3 Daprelà; 7 El Kaddouri, 20 Paghera, 5 Budel; 17 Scaglia;80 Jonathas, 11 Feczesin.

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