Monday, December 12, 2011

A Genius

How many coaches today would do same as Guidolin ? With the same limited squad ?

Guidolin's team leaders of Serie A and they have of their all 7 home games.

This team have lost their best player Alexis Sanchez and best midfielder Inler.

Guidolin's approach to players is just excellent. He's trying to give chance them as much as possible (at Europa league for example.) and keeping them fresh and letting them to gain more experience.

If you'd like to buy players from Udinese , which players would you pick up ?

Armero , Isla , Benatia , Handanovic and maybe Asamoah. (Di Natale is a special case that who dedicated his career to Udinese)

After losing such names from his squad Guidolin didn't have a chance to spend big amounts for transfers as Milan,Inter,Juventus,Roma,Napoli and Lazio.

Guidolin has a young team and he's creating his stars.

Udinese don't even have a 2nd forward who can be partner of Di Natale. Floro Flores is just awful , Fabbrini too young and lacking experience.

Udinese have probably best defensive record of the Europe at the moment. Let's take a look to Udinese defenders. Benatia 24 years old , Neuton 21 years old , Ekstrand 22 years old , Basta 27 years old , Danilo 27 years old and Domizzi most experienced defender of Udinese 31 years old.

Udinese's success is not a coincidence, it's all about hardwork and having an awesome coach.

Can you imagine if Guidolin had a chance to buy such players as Tevez , Vucinic or Lamela?

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