Monday, December 12, 2011

Tevez or Allegri effect ?

Milan had a trip to Renato Dall’Ara Stadium to get 1st place hopes.

The Rossoneri were without Nocerino , Nesta , Zambrotta and Abbiati.

Milan were playing outstanding since Juventus defeat and everybody expected to Milan get all three points easily against struggling Bologna side.

Bologna have started with Di Vaio alone forward and behind him Ramirez & Diamanti.

Bologna played a defensive game and used counter attacks very dangerous. But probably even Bologna didn't expect such a poor Milan side.

Milan midfielders were not able to control the game , defense was just terrible. Zlatan was marked by 3 Bologna players and he couldn't do much. Pato played one of the worst games of his career. Maybe Tevez rumours affected him ?

Milan couldn't even create positions as they were creating a lot everygame. Seedorf's goal was a brilliant.

Boateng fought hard but he wasn't at his day.

Allegri just watched it and his subtitions were just laughable! Yepes picked up an injury and Allegri changed him with Bonera (who doesn't deserve to play for Milan.) while he had Mexes.

Milan are talking about to win UEFA Champions League , Milan don't have a proper 2nd goalkeeper to replace Abbiati. Amelia made crucial mistakes on the both goals of Bologna.

Milan midfield were too soft without Nocerino. On the last season Van Bommel had great performance but he doesn't show same performance this season.

Same as Bonera , Antonini isn't right player to play for a team for Milan. Taiwo hasn't showed any good performance since he joined Milan but he would do much better than Taiwo while he's eager.

To replacing Seedorf with Emanuelson was just funny. Milan needed to win but they should be happy with one point.

Bologna played very intelligent and deserved to win. Bologna were victim of the refree who didn't give Bologna's clear penalty and gave a penalty kick to Milan which wasn't penalty at all.

Milan maybe would have won it if Allegri gave chance to Mexes instead Yepes , Taiwo instead Antonini and with different subtitions like using Boateng on midfield trio with Aquilani - Seedorf and with taking more risk replacing Van Bommel with Robinho.

Milan have dropped two golden points and will be praying that Roma to get a positive result against Juventus today.

Milan should rid of Antonini , Amelia and Bonera as soon as possible and should focus on midfield and defense more at January transfer market instead of bringing Worldclass strikers.

Hats off to Bologna's performance , they did more than expectations and fought great against the defending champions and their three points stolen by the refree unfortunately.

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