Friday, December 9, 2011

Success of Italian Clubs

Is Italian football death ? All three Italian clubs Napoli , Inter and Milan are qualified from the UEFA Champions League groups to last 16.

Italy are the only country with three clubs left to last 16.

Napoli did a great job with qualifying from the ''group of death'' and finished the group in front of the Manchester City which team were one of the UCL candidates.

Napoli have lost only one game (!!) in the group , it was Bayern game which played in Germany.

Milan qualified easily , the Rossoneri played head to head against defending champions and arguably ''the best team of the World'' Barcelona.

Even Milan would have finished the group on the top if refrees didn't make crucial mistakes at Milan - Barcelona game.

Inter have been struggling since beginning of the season , still they are struggling in Serie A but managed to qualify from the group.

So , is really Italian football death ?

Spain has only two teams left to last 16 , Barcelona and Real Madrid. The both teams are the biggest favourites this season.

England has two teams left , Arsenal and Chelsea. Manchester United failed to qualify with a shock result in Switzerland.

It's possible to see an Italian club at the final against Real or Barcelona or even Bayern Munich.

According to quality wise Milan and Napoli might have more success , if Inter adds a few new faces to their squad they might have chances too.

Italian teams have more to do to change UEFA's coefficients points table.

Italy unfortunately will send three teams next season to UEFA Champions League while Germany has more points and will be able to send four teams.

Italian teams which are playing at Europa League should give more importance and collect some points for the nation. Udinese are great example for it , they gave enough importance and had successful results.

January transfer market will be really decisive for AC Milan's Champions League target this season. If Milan can replace Cassano and bring a few quality names , especially for left-back position and minimum one centre back and a quality midfielder , why not ?

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