Friday, December 2, 2011

Milan on the top!

Milan have continued to their climb on the table and got 1st place with Ibrahimovic and Nocerino's goals winning against Genoa with 2-0 score.

Milan have visited Genoa without Nesta , Van Bommel and Abbiati. Pato was expecting to start in first 11 but Brazilian star got flu and started on the bench.

Genoa were without important defender Bovo and forward Palacio. It was a very important game for Genoa coach Malesani to secure his job.

First half both teams didn't impressive. Milan were not performing same as they performed against Chievo. Game had to stop about 15 minutes due tear gas which threw from outside of the stadium.

At the first half Milan had a few chances but failed to score. Especially with Nocerino the Rossoneri found two good chances.

At the 2nd half Kaladze's big mistake changed the picture. Kaladze tried to stop Ibrahimovic in penalty area and sent off.

Milan scored their first goal from a penalty kick with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Nocerino made the score 0-2 and scored his 5th goal this season.

Milan have contiuned their good run and got the 1st place ahead one point of Juventus.

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