Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Milan close to finish Tevez transfer

Milan were searching a forward to replace Antonio Cassano after his unfortunate illness.

Milan have targeted a few names , Argentinean star Tevez was one of them who doesn't want to stay at Manchester City and has problems with Mancini.

Yesterday night Milan met with Tevez and got an positive answer.

According to speculations Milan will loan Tevez for 6 months and end of the season will sign him for €15M euros.

If Tevez agrees Milan's offer , he should join to the Rossoneri at January.

According to Allegri , Milan will wait till 20th December to make Tevez move.


  1. Wow,wat a good replacement for cassano.Well,i bad 4 cassano,but 1 thin is that God will heal him and he will play again.I pray Tevez agrees the offer.

  2. Tevez agreed on terms. He's expecting to sign in two days.

    Yes, excellent job by Galliani once again.

    I hope and wish the best for Cassano , not only Milan. Italy needs him!